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When I first bought my timeshare at the age of 21, I absolutely hated it because I could never get the trades that I wanted to the places I wanted to go. This caused me to quit the industry and go to work for a timeshare resale company. Then I realized Timeshare resale companies are complete scams and so I started my own landscaping business.

After meeting my wife and needing a better job, I decided to get back into the industry, but only dealing with owners as they had already bought the timeshares.  Working with owners allowed me to learn many tips and tricks that actually make the timeshares valuable and worthwhile.






Over the last 20 years, I have learned how to completely maximize Timeshare Ownership and I want to share that information with all timeshare owners. Our goal is to help you get all the trades that you want at the times that you want them, the ability to rent out your points if you’re not able to use them that year, a safe way to resell your timeshare should the need arise without getting taken advantage of as well as getting reservations at sold out times of the year.

Here are the biggest frustrations most timeshare owners have that we help to solve

  • Whenever we try to book, there is no availability at the properties we want to go to.
  • What are the best timeshare programs to own?
  • How to monetize my timeshare points when I am not using them?
  • I can't ever get any trades that I want through Interval International or RCI.
  • Things in my life have changed and I need to sell my timeshare. Where do I go?
  • My kids don't want my timeshare. What should we do?
  • I paid multiple companies hundreds or thousands of dollars to sell my timeshare and I’ve never heard back from any of them.
  • What is the best way to buy more at the cheapest price?
  • Can I buy these timeshares online that are super cheap?
  • What is the best way to use my timeshare benefits for cruises and things of that nature?
  • Are there any tax benefits you can get from owning your timeshare?

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