Timeshare Tips & Tricks:

How to stay at 5 star resorts for pennies on the dollar,

Trade your timeshare and what to do if you don't need it any longer

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After being in the Timeshare industry for the last 20 years I’m listening

to thousands of owners Tony has tried to synthesize and share the

best information on how to solve your timeshare problems quickly and easily.


The goal of the book is to get you maximum value out of your

timeshare so within five years you’ve gotten all your money back plus some!


Using the simple strategies that most people don’t get taught when they buy their timeshare you can use your program in the way that you thought possible at first by utilizing these techniques.






Book Highlights

  • How to get the trade you want through RCI and Interval International
  • How to rent out your timeshare
  • How to get reservations that show unavailable through your developer
  • Different ways to offset your maintenance costs
  • How and where to go to sell your timeshare without getting scammed
  • Plus more! 








The most common problems timeshare owners usually have that we try to fix:

  • Owners find it difficult to get what they want through the exchange companies at the resort they want at the times of the year they would like to go.
  • Most owners have no idea the best strategy on how to rent out their time when they’re not using it
  • What should they do when they own it when they want to add to their contract?
  • Owners do not know what to do when there is no availability at the resorts they want to go to in their system. ( Example: Whenever I want to go skiing, all the resorts are booked, even when I try 6 months out)
  • Owners do not know ways to maximize their ownership to eliminate maintenance costs.



Timeshare  Rental  Services

We monetize your unused timeshare points

Vacation  Club  Options

Replace or add to your timeshare program with no maintenance fees at all while staying at the same places



We found the information in the book to be invaluable and feel it was the best $20 ever spent.

Kevin Sullivan

This book will help you make the most of your timeshare and understand how to get great trades.

Ginger Anderson

It’s imperative for the reader to understand that The author knows how to cut through all of the fluff and shows you in detail how to monetize your investment

D.J. Petrone

If you are interested in timeshare ownership or just want to learn more about using what you already own, this book should prove a useful handbook for you.

Mary Montague Sikes

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