How It Works

Our company started about six years ago just as a way for us to make extra income with our timeshare points to pay for things like essential oils for months. I didn't make a lot of commission.
Timeshare rental traditionally has been to pre-book a week at your resort and list on or some other timeshare rental website  This has worked well for many people and for many years.  What I found is, it is a little more difficult to rent out points as you need to pre-book reservations, typically six months or more in advance, and there are different cancelation rules and website rules you need to follow in order to get them rented.

In talking with owners, many had extra points they weren’t going to use or that were going to use them for cruises and other options, which was not good value. I had some success previously renting out units on Airbnb and HomeAway, but with the new law changes and complexities of trying to rent out specific times, it became increasingly difficult.  That’s where we came up with a system where we could offer people any dates they want at any of the timeshare resorts by using timeshare owners points.

This allowed us to list nearly any timeshare resort on any system in any size of room and to be able to rent the units out for less than the developers do online.  The only downside is, most resorts rent their units out online for almost the same cost as you pay in maintenance fees, which doesn’t give us a huge spread for profit.

For example, you could go to and book a 2bd condo online at the Marriott Grand Vista for $280 a night plus tax.  If you book it with your timeshare, it will be 400 points a night and at $0.61 per point means you pay $244 per year in maintenance fees on that number of points.  It is not always like that and sometimes you can get that same room for the same number of points when they are renting it for $500 per night, but a majority of the time it is not like that.

Now, different resort groups have better value propositions than others, but for the most part, most timeshare rooms can be rented besides peak times for close to what you pay in maintenance fees.
So our solution was to list all of the resorts within a developer group, such as Wyndham, Worldmark, Marriott, Westin, and Bluegreen for every day of the year for less than you could book online by utilizing timeshare owners points!

Renting your points through us is not the best way to make the best amount of money. However, it is a guaranteed way to get rid of your points and recoup your maintenance fees plus some in many cases.  So, as long as your not looking to get rich or make a ton of money, you now have a guaranteed way to monetize your timeshare points when not in use and for more cash value, then your developer gives you for cruises and other things like airline tickets, tour packages, resort items and the like.

How the Program Works

Step 1: We agree to rent your points for a certain amount according to who you own with.  You then sign the contract and give us your developer log in credentials

Step 2: We pay you the agreed upon amount upfront and then go to work renting out your points.  


That’s it!

Frequently Ask Questions

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You have to log into my account to make the reservations are you sure that is safe?

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When do I get paid from my rentals?

Is it against the rules to rent my timeshare?

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