Meet Our Best Team


Theresa Fackler

General Manager

Theresa is our General Manager, helping to lead the team and grow the business to 1000+ reservations a month! She is also currently helping with our International Expansion to help not only overseas travelers stay in amazing resorts but also to help our overseas timeshare owners by offsetting their maintenance fees in years when they cannot use their timeshare themselves. We have a goal of paying over $2 million dollars to timeshare owners and she is
excited to help us achieve that. One of the reasons she excels in this industry is due to her love of travel. When she is able to, you will most likely find her traveling the world and experiencing all travel has to offer.



Jesselle Retoma-Poche

General Manager of Availability & Projects Team

Jesselle is our General Manager of Availability & Projects Team.
Her team is vital in their role of updating our availability calendars, adding new properties, and doing cost analysis on every new developer or property we add to our system. As if that wasn’t enough, she also handles and leads and assigns all new projects to her team. This can include building websites, editing videos, sales funnels, projections, and all other projects. She is an amazing leader and her team can usually get any projects done before the due date! She also does
amazing community outreach in her town and was responsible for creating a community food bank for over 200 people in her neighborhood that were suffering due to the pandemic!

Denise Petersen

Booking Manager

Denise Petersen is our Booking Manager in charge of our Booking Division. She is in charge of the booking specialists and has been crushing our reservation goals every month by helping travelers stay at amazing resorts and make wonderful memories with their families and friends.
She is a great leader of her team and excels at customer service. When Denise is not helping other families travel, she is spending time with her own family, including her granddaughter! She loves being a mother and grandmother and being able to stay at amazing resorts as a perk of her job!






Earlwynne Queen Poche

Booking Specialist

Queen is one of our Booking Specialists.
She gives special attention to exactly what the guests are looking for and what is important to them. When she is not working, she bonds with her son by playing online mobile games and bakes delicious sweet snacks for their business.


Kirsty Marielle Poche

Booking Specialist

Kirsty is one of our Booking Specialists. She is a working student. She works in the afternoon, and is a student every morning. And with her dedication, determination, perseverance and hard work. She decided to join the team while studying. When she is not working, she manages their business that sells baked products and frozen goods.

Maria Cerdas

Booking Specialist

Maria is one of our Booking Specialists.

She is a working student. Her goal is to make our customers feel comfortable and appreciated while taking care of their reservations or issues in a kind and professional manner. When she is not working, she spends quality time with her daughter and husband.

Renzi Poche

Availability & Website Specialist

Renzi is one of our Availability Specialists and he is also on our Projects Team. He is such a great team member in not only availability but also tackling a lot of our tech projects. He can tackle anything from rebuilding a website to editing videos for our YouTube channel and
training videos. When he is not working, he is busy being a husband and a father and volunteering in his community. He helped organize food banks after national disasters, including a volcano eruption and the pandemic last 2020 for his community and surrounding area.

Robeliza Loroza-Agustin

Availability Specialist

Robeliza is one of our Availability Specialists and has been on the team for several years. She does such a great job on her properties and consistently helps the team whenever she is asked. She also helps train other team members and is a great role model for her team. Her
and her husband recently had their first child, a son, and she loves her role as wife and mother.





Stewart Agustin

Availability Specialist and Projects Team

Stewart is one of our Availability Specialists and also on our Projects Team. He does such a great job not only keeping the properties he maintains updated, but he also specializes in
finding inventory to rent and helping to make sure all our rentals have gone through at the end of the month and any other project he has been tasked with. When he is not working, he spends time with his family, including his wife and his son.



Joven Retoma

Availability Specialist & Projects Team

Joven is an Availability Specialist and also on our Projects Team. He is tasked with not only maintaining his properties' availability, ads, and pricing, he also handles a myriad of projects including building sales funnels. He tackles any project he is given and is an asset to our team. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his family and volunteer within his community.



John Ray Retoma

Availability Specialist

John Ray started as an Availability Specialist after working in Macau. He is a team player and is always quick to help, anyway, with not only availability but pricing and everything in between. We are glad he left Macau and came to work with our team. He also helps with his community as well and loves to spend time with his family when he is not working.



Melgie Valdez

Availability Specialist

Melgie is an Availability Specialist who works meticulously to make sure that the dates are updated every single day . She is a mom of one young daughter and a certified "plantita" (a plant enthusiast) because, aside from being a working mom, she also loves planting ornamental plants at home and gardening as a hobby.




Mary Hope Alegre

Availability Specialist

Hope is an Availability Specialist.
I was given the opportunity to work at Vacations Simplified. As a first timer being a VA, it is needless to say that I had to make quite a few adjustments. But with the help of my manager (Ms. Jesselle), I was able to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to do my job. Being one of the people behind the travel plans of customers during this pandemic gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I helped make it possible for them to have their much needed vacation during this pandemic. With that In mind, I make sure that the customers and also the owner will get their money’s worth. Working for this company for almost 1 month has helped me hone not just my skills as a professional, but also helped me develop practical skills in life.
I'm looking forward to more fruitful years for this company that puts a premium on its people.

Bevertly Fiel

Availability Specialist

Bevertly is an Availability Specialist who started working as a VA last June 18, 2021. She ensured to update all ads that  assigned to her. Aside from being a VA, she love taking care of her cats too.

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